Welcome to InPheno AG

Precisely Swiss - InPheno AG, Basel provides quality services in drug discovery. We strive to be the one-stop solution for your needs in research and profiling of drug candidates. We offer to act as an extension of your drug development team, partnering small virtual biotech companies or large pharmaceutical organizations.

The high rate of contract renewals may serve as indicator for our customer’s high confidence in the InPheno’s services.


Mission Statement

Our expertise assists our customers in developing new medicines for the treatment of life-threatening diseases. InPheno is dedicated to apply the highest standards of science and quality to any work we do. We are committed to integrity and confidentiality, and we offer an interactive relationship with our clients and partners.


Our Values

Reliability          Precisely Swiss – along with highest standards in precision we remain flexible to the needs of our customers and partners

Integrity           We take pride in our independence and in our objective scientific reporting

Creativity          The high performance of InPheno’s platforms is a reflection of the skills of our development team

Responsibility We care for our employees and our customers


Our Story

InPheno’s laboratories opened in Basel, Switzerland, in 2001 as a spin-off from the Institute of Medical Microbiology, University of Basel, Switzerland. InPheno’s founding team consists of specialists in the fields of virology and oncology with long-term experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our scientists combine a broad expertise in molecular and cellular assay technology as well as in the development of modern therapeutics.




This service model is the one that is most commonly used by our customers. For requesting a quote

please email to info@inpheno.com