Human immunodeficiency virus

InPheno’s team possesses more than two decades of research expertise on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and with profiling new candidate drugs for this key pathogen. Since its inception, InPheno has been assembling a precious collection of essential tools to meet the complexity of discovery and development of antiretroviral agents. Data and profiling reports generated by InPheno have passed the scrutiny of our customers and that of regulatory authorities for clinical testing in humans.


This record of accomplishment is the basis for us at InPheno to offer our services for partnership in order to meet needs in anti-HIV drug discovery.


Our comprehensive HIV platform allows the evaluation of antiviral activities in established cell lines and / or in human primary cells using either recombinant viruses or well characterized clinical isolates. All our HIV assays recapitulate the entire virus life cycle and are replicative, be they performed using primary cells or established cell lines.

InPheno’s HIV platform is well suited for the identification and detailed study of novel antiretroviral drug candidates targeting any key viral function.

Our platform enables:

-       High throughput screening for new antiviral principles, be they synthetic compounds or natural products;

-       Activity Profiling of lead candidate inhibitors;

-       Identification of the mode of action of lead compounds;

-       Drug combination studies;

-       In vitro selection of resistant viruses and their characterization;

-       Functional characterization of neutralizing antibodies for vaccine studies;

-       Phenotypic resistance testing starting from primary clinical specimens.


Available assets for your studies include:

-       Extended bank of characterized, fully infectious recombinant HIV isolates and variants;

-       Characterized (multi-)drug resistant HIV-1 mutants;

-       Engineering of HIV-1 variants according to your needs;

-       HIV-1 clinical isolates of all common subtypes;

-       HIV-2 clinical isolates.



Neutralizing antibodies

InPheno offers services for screening and profiling of neutralizing antibodies, recombinant or those derived from patients’ plasma

A large collection of molecularly characterized viruses of all HIV-1 subtypes and main groups including HIV-2 isolates is available for activity profiling of inhibitory compounds.

InPheno’s systems allow to profile isolated or purified neutralizing antibodies or blood specimens. InPheno’s profiling platform assists in competently selecting agents with the most favorable neutralizing activity.



InPheno offers its services in different modalities to accommodate the need of the smallest and largest companies.


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